International trade

In an international sale, agreements are made about the quality of the goods traded, the price, transport, delivery, transfer of risk and the method of payment, among other things. Disputes can arise on all these aspects.

I am familiar with and have a lot of experience in drafting, advising and litigating in connection with (international) commercial contracts, such as purchase and sales contracts.

I also have an eye for issues such as jurisdiction, enforcement of court decisions and arbitration awards

Insurance and Liability

I advise and if necessary litigate in the field of insurance and liability law in general.

In particular, I have expertise in the areas of policy disputes, logistics and product liability and marine, fire and (logistics) liability insurance and recourse.


I assist road hauliers as well as cargo interests in a variety of cases, both at the front end when drawing up, for example, framework agreements, and at the back end when damage occurs.

It concerns both domestic and international transport. I have extensive experience with transport conditions and applicable laws and regulations, such as the AVC conditions and the CMR Convention.

Rail transport has an international character in many cases. In practice, I particularly advise on ‘The New Silk Road’ to China. I also have in-depth knowledge of railway accidents.

Furthermore, I advise in the field of forwarding and warehousing, among other things.